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Monitoring Kubernetes with kube-prometheus

Christoph Voigt

Christoph Voigt

Senior Consultant at Storm Reply

kube-prometheus is a "batteries-included" solution for monitoring Kubernetes Clusters via Prometheus. It brings rules- and alert-definitions for Prometheus and Grafana Dashboards and enables you having a full-fledged monitoring/alerting solution for your Kubernetes Cluster with by writing "kubectl apply". This Talks will be a mix of Lightning-Talk, Experience Report and Demo :)

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What Is This All About?

Hannover Gophers is a usergroup focused on Golang and related topics. The idea has gained great interest around Lower-Saxony's Golang folks. We meet regularly every month at 6.30pm at NewStore, Bödekerstraße 56 in Hannover.

Who Is Behind This?

  • Christoph Voigt
    Christoph Voigt

    DevOps Engineer

  • Tobias Pauling
    Tobias Pauling

    Senior Software Engineer

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